[IGSSTATION-1896]: ISTA Receiver replaced, data available since DOY 312, daily data files DOY 312 - 315 resubmitted

Rudi Stöger stoeger at fs.wettzell.de
Mon Nov 12 02:42:02 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          12 Nov 02:43:32 PST 2007      Message Number 1896

Author: Rudi Stoeger

Ladies and Gentlemen

My colleagues replaced the
Serial Number LP02295
with the ASHTECH Z-XII3 GPS receiver
Serial Number LP00839
in the ISTA GPS Permanent Tracking Station
Istanbul, Turkey, 2007-11-08T11:50Z.

Data files are available since DOY 312 from

The data files DOY 312, 313, 314, 315 had
errors in the RINEX headers. Today I put the
corrected daily data files DOY 312, 313, 314
and 315 into the queue for next transmission
to the IGS Center in the BKG Frankfurt.

With best regards

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