[IGSMAIL-7908] UPDATE to IGS.org Website and File Transfer Transition

IGS Central Bureau cb at igs.org
Fri Mar 13 14:31:39 PDT 2020

Dear IGS Community Member,

The IGS Central Bureau would like to clarify and correct our message
IGS.org Website Transition and Service Downtime” sent 5 March 2020 with the

>From 23 March 2020 to 31 August 2020, the IGS website and FTP file service
will experience the following temporary transition state:

IGS.org -- The current (outgoing) website content will no longer be

FTP services will remain fully functional on ftp://ftp.igs.org or

Starting 23 March, files previously acquired via FTP at ftp://ftp.igs.org
will be made available for testing via the new HTTPS system
https://files.igscb.org <https://ftp.igs.org/>

IGSCB.org -- From now until 13 August 2020, this will be the temporary home
of the new (incoming) IGS.org website; community members may visit the
homepage for news, events, and other important links. Please note that the
website will be under continuous development and improvement during this

>From 11 to 14 August (during the IGS Workshop), the Central Bureau will be
available for any final troubleshooting or consultation with regard to
switching from FTP to HTTPS; as well as to discuss your feedback on the new
website design.

On 31 August 2020, the new (incoming) website will be moved from its
temporary home on igscb.org to our main website, IGS.org.  The content in
the current (outgoing) IGS.org website will be archived.

Also on 31 August 2020, ALL FTP access to ftp://ftp.igs.org will be
permanently terminated and replaced with a secured https://files.igs.org
<https://ftp.igs.org/>. Data, content, and directory hierarchy will remain

Please see the attached diagram “IGS Central Bureau Information Systems
2020 Improvement and Transition Guide” for a timeline of the
above-described changes.

The previously announced downtime  between 18-21 March will not occur at
this time.

The Central Bureau welcomes your questions and feedback at: cb at igs.org.

Best regards,
the IGS Central Bureau
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