[IGSMAIL-3213]: New "hourly" broadcast ephemeris files at CDDIS

Carey Noll noll at CDDIS.GSFC.NASA.GOV
Mon Feb 26 05:50:35 PST 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      26 Feb 05:52:54 PST 2001      Message Number 3213

Author:  Carey Noll/CDDIS

The CDDIS has begun to generate combined broadcast ephemeris files on an
hourly basis from all hourly navigation files archived at the CDDIS. 
This file, denoted /gps/nrtdata/yyddd/hourddd0.yyn.Z (ddd is the 3-digit
day of year, yy is the 2-digit year), contains all broadcast messages
with the TOE of the day ddd that are available when the file is created
at the top of the hour.  The file is updated each hour with new
navigation messages.  At the end of the UTC day, when the final version
of the file is generated, the file is copied to the
/gps/gpsdata/yyddd/yyn and /gps/brdc/yyyy directories and becomes the
"daily" broadcast ephemeris file (denoted as brdcddd0.yyn.Z).  Thanks to 
Werner Gurtner for generating the software and process for creating 
these new files.


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