[IGSMAIL-3212]: CODE DCB data archive initiated

Stefan Schaer stefan.schaer at aiub.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 23 07:53:50 PST 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      23 Feb 08:20:38 PST 2001      Message Number 3212

Author: Stefan Schaer

Dear colleagues:

SVN 54, the new PRN 18, came into operation few days ago (more
accurately, on day 046). This is probably the right moment to announce
that CODE has recently started to maintain a data archive concerning
differential code bias (DCB) estimates, namely for P1-C1 as well as for
P1-P2 biases. Corresponding bias estimates with respect to the new
PRN 18 are already available:


Up-to-date P1-C1 bias values are of particular interest to the IGS
community, since one has to consider this type of code bias when
dealing with precise satellite clock corrections. This is the reason
why we offer these bias values also in a format which makes updates of
the RINEX converter utility program, CC2NONCC, much easier:


Monthly DCB data sets are stored at


(addressed with 2-digit year and month).

Further information may be found at



The monthly P1-C1 DCB solution for February, which should become
available on March 5, will be declared as "official" set. This set of
bias values is recommended for use by all IGS ACs and users of IGS
clock products, preferably starting with data collected on March 18
(start of GPS week 1106). Jim Ray will made accessible an updated
version of


at the proper time.

Best regards,

Stefan Schaer

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