[IGSSTATION-7063] ANKR: equipment changes

Uwe Hessels uwe.hessels at bkg.bund.de
Wed Jul 5 07:06:36 PDT 2017

Author: Uwe Hessels

Dear colleagues,

due to a fact that the data handling computer at ANKR site reached its end of lifetime, 
our colleagues from General Command of Mapping in Ankara used the opportunity to replace 
the old Javad receiver by an Leica GR30 and the antenna by an LEIAR10 model.
The failure of the computer leads to a data gap from doy 161 to 173.
The new equipment is now able to provide rinex v3 data.

With this exchange, also the responsibility for the ANKR site was transferred to the
General Command of Mapping.
An updated site log file has been submitted to IGS and EUREF.

Best regards, Uwe Hessels.

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