[IGSSTATION-6214] TITZ Decommissioned from IGS and replaced by TIT2

David Maggert dmaggert at unavco.org
Thu Jun 25 08:05:42 PDT 2015

Dear Community,

IGS station TITZ has been decommissioned from the IGS.  The final site log can be found here:

ftp://ftp.igs.org/pub/station/finallog/titz_20150623.log <ftp://ftp.igs.org/pub/station/finallog/titz_20150623.log>

The station is replaced by TIT2.

ftp://ftp.igs.org/pub/station/log/tit2_20150129.log <ftp://ftp.igs.org/pub/station/log/tit2_20150129.log>

Best Regards,
David Maggert
IGS Central Bureau
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