[IGSSTATION-5295] POLV: receiver/antenna change

Oleg Khoda oleg at mao.kiev.ua
Mon Feb 18 04:59:39 PST 2013

Author:  Oleg Khoda

Dear colleagues,

On 13-FEB-2013 11:00 UTC new GPS/GLONASS equipment were installed at the POLV station (Poltava, Ukraine). GPS receiver TRIMBLE 4700 and antenna TRM29659.00 were changed with GPS/GLONASS receiver LEICA GR10 and antenna LEIAR10 without dome.

GPS+GLONASS observations at the POLV station with new equipment were started on 13-FEB-2013 (DOY 044) at 11:53 UTC. The elevation cut-off for POLV station was changed from +5 deg to 0 deg on 18-FEB-2013 (DOY 049) at 10:07 UTC.

An updated sitelog has been submitted to IGS CB.

Now the POLV station is operated by the private JSC System Solutions (Kiev, Ukraine) and included in the commercial System.NET network (http://gnss.org.ua).

Best regards,

Oleg Khoda

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