[IGSSTATION-5235] VILL: upgrade of antenna and receiver

mark.van.kints at esa.int mark.van.kints at esa.int
Thu Dec 27 08:28:23 PST 2012

Author: Mark van Kints

Dear all, 

As announced last week, as of  27/12/2012 10:15UTC the station VILL is 
running with a new multi-GNSS Septentrio PolaRx4 receiver and Septentrio 
Chokering MC antenna. 

Data is not yet uploaded to the CDDIS server, but will be within a week or 
so when testing has concluded. The new site log vill_20121227.log will 
duly become available on the IGS website. 

Details of the new receiver and antenna are as follows. Note that also the 
external reference is now a 10 MHz signal which thus might have some 
impact on the clock stability. 

3.9  Receiver Type            : SEPT POLARX4
     Satellite System         : GPS+GLO+GAL+CMP+QZSS+SBAS
     Serial Number            : 3001316
     Firmware Version         : 2.3.4
     Elevation Cutoff Setting : 0 deg
     Date Installed           : 2012-12-27T10:15Z
     Date Removed             : CCYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ
     Temperature Stabiliz.    : (deg C) +/- 1
     Additional Information   : (multiple lines)

4.5  Antenna Type             : SEPCHOKE_MC     NONE
     Serial Number            : 5166
     Antenna Reference Point  : BAM
     Marker->ARP Up Ecc. (m)  :   0.0937
     Marker->ARP North Ecc(m) :   0.0000
     Marker->ARP East Ecc(m)  :   0.0000
     Alignment from True N    : 0 deg
     Antenna Radome Type      : NONE
     Radome Serial Number     : 
     Antenna Cable Type       : Andrew LDF2-50
     Antenna Cable Length     : 100 m
     Date Installed           : 2012-12-27T10:15Z
     Date Removed             : CCYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ
     Additional Information   : (multiple lines)

Best regards

Mark van Kints
Navigation Operations Engineer - GMV
European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC)
Navigation Facility, HSO-GN
Robert Bosch Strasse 5
64293 Darmstadt
Tel: +49 6151 90 4069
Fax: +49 6151 90 3431
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