[IGSSTATION-4953] Antenna replacement for MAS1 on 18/06/2012

mark.van.kints at esa.int mark.van.kints at esa.int
Fri Jun 15 05:13:46 PDT 2012

Dear all, 

Next Monday (18/06) we will be replacing the current  Ashtech ASH701945E_M 
antenna at Maspalomas, Spain (MAS1) with a Leica AR25.

Further site log details will be sent once the replacement has taken 

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14/06/2012 21:36
[IGSSTATION-4952] misconfiguration of some Trimble NETRS & NETR5 receivers
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Author: Jim Ray

In tracking down the problem of low data yields at NIUM, I
have noticed that other stations seem to suffer the same
problem, probably for the same reason.

TEQC output summaries for doy 163 have shown that several
stations collect no L2 P-code data from GPS Blocks IIR-M
(8 SVs) or IIF (2 SVs) satellites.  This is presumably due
to a receiver misconfiguration, possibly due to the issue of
how to deal with L2C tracking for those SVs.  Some stations
affected by this (not necessarily complete!) are:

KSMV -- NETRS (no PRN32 data at all either)

These are easily detected from the TEQC summary lines, that
show numbers of deleted points around 7500 and % yields about

Some other stations are missing certain different SVs altogether:

BOAV -- NETR5: no PRNs 01 or 25 (IIF satellites)
YARR -- Leica GRX1200PRO: no PRNs 07, 08, 15

And some other stations have very low yields for apparently
different reasons that I cannot easily diagnose:

THIO -- NETRS: 40% yield
DRAO -- NETR8: 70% yield
GLDR -- Leica GRX1200PRO: 74% yield

With such large volumes of data missing, the resulting geodetic
results should be not be considered very reliable.  Having no
personal experience operating any of these receiver models,
however, I cannot provide any advice how to address the problems.

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