[IGSSTATION-4888] FAIR (Gilmore Creek) radome removal

Stowers, David A (3350) david.a.stowers at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Apr 25 12:55:54 PDT 2012

Author: Dave Stowers

Please be advised that the radome associated with IGS site FAIR will
be removed for an extended period in support of the IGS radome
calibration effort, as local weather conditions now permit such activity.

The scheduled removal date/time is at the end of this Friday, April 27,
just after the UT rollover to April 28. The process may take up to an hour.

Note that non-IGS site data from FAIV and FAIC has been, and is intended
to continue to be collected based on an antenna nearby; this data being
available via FTP from JPL and CDDIS.

The radome is to be precisely replaced in mid-July, schedules permitting.

Best regards,


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