[IGSSTATION-4008] MAS1 data gap 10255-10256

Pedro.Alfaro at esa.int Pedro.Alfaro at esa.int
Wed Sep 15 06:52:24 PDT 2010

Author: Pedro Alfaro Sanz

Dear colleagues, 

Due to a software problem on our MAS1 station, the data between 14:00 UTC 
12/9/2010 (doy 255) and 09:00 13/9/2010 (doy 256) has been lost.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Kind regards,

Pedro Alfaro Sanz
Msc. Aerospace Engineer
GMV Aerospace and Defence  S.A.
+49 6151 90 4069
Pedro.Alfaro at esa.int
Navigation Facility, OPS-GN
European Space Operations Centre
Robert Bosch Strasse 5
64293 Darmstadt
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