[IGSSTATION-3573]: MEDI frequency standard

GeoDAF Administrator geodaf at hp835.mt.asi.it
Thu Feb 18 07:28:38 PST 2010

IGS Station Mail          18 Feb 07:29:36 PST 2010      Message Number 3573

Author: Giuseppe Colucci

Please note that the frequency standard has been switched back on EXTERNAL 
on Feb-18 (today) and not on Feb-12 as I indicated in my previous message. I 
am going to correct site log too.
Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards,
Giuseppe Colucci

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Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 4:21 PM
Subject: MEDI frequency standard

> Author: Giuseppe Colucci
> Please be adviced that during the period from 9-deb-2010 up to 
> 12-feb-2010, the frequency standard for the MEDI station has been set to 
> INTERNAL. Updated site log has been submitted to EUREF and IGS.
> Sorry for having informed you late.
> Best regards,
> Giuseppe Colucci 

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