[IGSSTATION-3387]: ANKR Electricity and phone cables damaged, DSL connection interrupted

Rudi Stöger stoeger at fs.wettzell.de
Wed Nov 4 04:21:44 PST 2009

IGS Station Mail          04 Nov 04:23:17 PST 2009      Message Number 3387

Author: Rudi Stoeger
Ladies and Gentlemen
We circulate an information from
our colleagues in the Harita Genel Komutanligi,
General Command of Mapping, Ankara,
concerning the GPS+GLONASS Permanent
Tracking Station ANKR Ankara, Turkey:
"The underground electricity and phone cables
were damaged by a bulldozer last week.
Now, the electricity is ok but DSL connection
has not been repaired yet."
With best regards

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