[IGSSTATION-1696]: NTUS: Operational again, new GPS+GLONASS hardware

Hans van der Marel H.vanderMarel at tudelft.nl
Fri Jul 27 01:24:47 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          27 Jul 01:24:52 PDT 2007      Message Number 1696

Author: Hans van der Marel

Dear colleagues,

After a long interruption it is a pleasure to announce that
the NTUS station in Singapore is operational again.

The defective Turbo-Rogue receiver has been replaced by a
LEICA GRX1200GGPRO (GPS+GLONASS) receiver, and the antenna has been
upgraded to a LEIAT504GG (no radome). An updated logfile can
be found at the IGS Central Bureau


Hourly and daily RINEX files are submitted to the BKG datacenter.  

The station is operated for IGS jointly by Nanyang Technological 
University (NTU) and the Delft University of Technology (DUT/DEOS).

Best regards,

Eric Low Teh Yong 
Tor Yam Khoon 
Lennard Huisman
Hans van der Marel

dr.ir. H. van der Marel, Department of Earth Observation and Space Systems 
(DEOS/MGP), Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology,
Kluyverweg 1, P.O. Box 5058, 2600 GB Delft, Netherlands. 
Phone/fax: ++31 (0)15 278 4907 / 3711, Email: H.vanderMarel at tudelft.nl

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