[IGSSTATION-1671]: DLFT: Network outage resolved

Hans van der Marel H.vanderMarel at tudelft.nl
Mon Jul 16 04:52:45 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          16 Jul 04:52:49 PDT 2007      Message Number 1671

Author: Hans van der Marel

The glass fiber cable that was damaged last week has been
repaired this morning and the GNSS receivers in Delft (DELF, 
DLFT, DLF3, a.o.) are available again.

All missing data has been uploaded to the datacenters. No
data has been lost.

Hans van der Marel
dr.ir. H. van der Marel, Department of Earth Observation and Space Systems 
(DEOS/MGP), Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology,
Kluyverweg 1, P.O. Box 5058, 2600 GB Delft, Netherlands. 
Phone/fax: ++31 (0)15 278 4907 / 3711, Email: H.vanderMarel at tudelft.nl

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