[IGSSTATION-1586]: WTZR Receiver replaced and Firmware Upgrade

Rudi Stöger stoeger at fs.wettzell.de
Wed May 30 07:29:47 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          30 May 07:31:09 PDT 2007      Message Number 1586

Author: Rudi Stoeger

Ladies and Gentlemen

My colleague Uwe Hessels replaced the
TPS E_GGD Receiver, Firmware 2.6.0 Apr,18,2007
with a new Topcon NETG3 Receiver, Firmware
3.1 Jan,24,2007 p1 in the GPS+GLONASS Permanent
Tracking Station Wettzell WTZR, yesterday

And he did an Upgrade of the Firmware in the
receiver from 3.1 Jan,24,2007 p1
to 3.1 Mar,13,2007 p2 also yesterday

With best regards

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