[IGSSTATION-1412]: LHAZ temporarily closed

Rudi Stöger stoeger at fs.wettzell.de
Wed Feb 21 02:25:38 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          21 Feb 02:26:34 PST 2007      Message Number 1412

Author: Rudi Stoeger

Ladies and Gentlemen

Our Chinese colleagues in Lhasa / Tibet /
China removed the TPS E_GGD GPS+GLONASS
Receiver SN: AE7PEWVFA4G and the ASH701941.B
Antenna with SNOW radome from the
LHAZ GPS+GLONASS Permanent Tracking Station
and installed them at the LHAS Permanent Tracking
Station, 15-FEB-2007 (day 046).

The LHAZ GPS+GLONASS Permanent Tracking Station
is temporarily closed. Maybe it is also a
final shutdown for LHAZ.

LHAS takes over the GPS+GLONASS observations.

With best regards

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