[IGSSTATION-1411]: LHAS Break in the forwarding of data files / Receiver and Antenna replaced

Rudi Stöger stoeger at fs.wettzell.de
Wed Feb 21 02:05:12 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          21 Feb 02:06:19 PST 2007      Message Number 1411

Author: Rudi Stoeger
Ladies and Gentlemen
The AOA SNR-8000 ACT SN: T-310U in the
LHAS GPS Permanent Tracking Station Lhasa / 
Tibet / China is malfunctioning since 30-JAN-2007
(day 030).
Our Chinese colleagues in Lhasa removed the
AOAD/M_T Antenna from the LHAS Pillar,
they removed the ASH701941.B Antenna with
SNOW radome from the LHAZ pillar and put
it onto the LHAS Pillar, 15-FEB-2007 (day 046).
Effectively the TPS E_GGD GPS+GLONASS  Receiver
SN: AE7PEWVFA4G operating until 15-FEB-2007 (day 046)
at the LHAZ GPS+GLONASS Permanent Tracking
Station, now is operating with the ASH701941.B Antenna
and SNOW radom for the LHAS Permanent Tracking
Station on the LHAS pillar.
Because of  controversial and inconsistent  information
for the new antenna height (Marker->ARP Up Ecc.) from
Lhasa we broke the forwarding of the LHAS data files until
we will get the true antenna height.
Because of the Chinese New Year holidays we cannot
contact our colleagues in Lhasa until 25-FEB-2007.
With best regrads

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