[IGSSTATION-1364]: SYOG receiver replacement

GSI_Orbit igs-grp at gsi.go.jp
Mon Jan 29 21:20:38 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          29 Jan 21:21:05 PST 2007      Message Number 1364

Author: Kyoko Kotani

Dear Colleagues,

Due to PC trouble at SYOG on Antarctica, data transfer from the receiver
has become unstable since the beginning of January. We therefore
switched the receiver, TRIMBLE 4000SSI, to a new one, TRIMBLE NETRS, on
I updated the sitelog and added backup receiver information. 
The updated sitelog is syog_20070129.log.
The following are the updated parts.

Best regards,


  Kyoko Kotani
  Satellite Orbit Section,
  Satellite Geodesy Div., Geodetic Observation Center,
  Geographical Survey Institute (GSI), Japan

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