[IGSSTATION-1351]: IGS05 Review - MKEA, YSSK

Ferland, Rémi RFerland at NRCan.gc.ca
Tue Jan 23 13:48:44 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          23 Jan 13:48:47 PST 2007      Message Number 1351

Author: R. Ferland

Dear IGS colleagues,

	Starting with this week (1409) SINEX combination, stations MKEA and YSSK
will not be included in the Reference Frame realization (IGS05). Both stations
have experienced earthquakes recently.

MKEA (Hawaii, USA):
	The responsible earthquake (M6.7) occurred on October 15:
	The effect is mainly in the EW direction (~8mm). Nearby stations KOKB &
	HNLC do not appear to have been significantly affected.

YSSK (Eastern Russian Federation):
	The cause was originally believed to be snow accumulation,
	but, was ruled out after exchanges with the Primary point of contact,
	G. Steblov, who also suggested that an earthquake (M8.3) that occurred
	on  November 15, was responsible:
	The effect is also mainly in the EW direction (~10mm).
	Another recent (Jan. 13) earthquake (M 8.1) in the same area may also
	affect the station.

P.S.: Note that due to the reference frame change that occurred at about
the same time (Nov 5 2006 (wk 1400)) and which also included the relative to
absolute antenna phase center change, the estimate of the earthquake effect
is more difficult.

Best Regards,

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