[IGSSTATION-273]: FAIR: ADVISORY clock frequency standard periods with new receiver

Oivind Ruud ruud at unavco.org
Thu Dec 2 12:36:10 PST 2004

IGS Station Mail          02 Dec 12:36:11 PST 2004      Message Number 273

Author: Oivind Ruud, UNAVCO

Dear Colleagues,

We have one other announcement regarding the recent receiver swap at Gilmore Creek
Observatory, Alaska (FAIR). Right after the swap the new ASHTECH UZ-12 receiver was
running off its INTERNAL clock (not the H-Maser) for the first two days. This is
reflected in sections 6.4-6.5 in the updated log, but is repeated here for your

6.4  Standard Type            : INTERNAL
       Input Frequency        : (if external)
       Effective Dates        : 2004-11-25/2004-11-26
       Notes                  : Internal clock used after reciever swap.
                              : Actual start date 2004-11-25T02:30Z
                              : Actual end date 2004-11-26T21:30Z

6.5  Standard Type            : H-MASER
       Input Frequency        : 5 Mhz
       Effective Dates        : 2004-11-27/CCYY-MM-DD
       Notes                  : Actual start date 2004-11-26T22:30Z

This data has also been made public. The new ASHTECH UZ-12 receiver was again running
off the EXTERNAL H-Maser starting on 2004-11-26T22:30Z.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Maintenance and operations of the FAIR station is a collaborative effort supported by
JPL, UNAVCO, and Gilmore Creek Observatory (NOAA), with funding provided by NASA's
Earth Science Enterprise.

Best Regards,

    -Oivind Ruud

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