[IGSMAIL-7926] KIRU - Antenna Marker->ARP Up Ecc correction

Mark van Kints (external) mark.van.kints at esa.int
Fri Apr 24 06:40:48 PDT 2020

Author: Mark van Kints 

Dear Colleagues, 

Please be informed that we recently discovered a 50mm riser was mistakenly 
removed when upgrading the KIRU antenna last year on Nov 12 
The station had thus been reporting (in RX3 headers and the IGS site log) 
a 50mm higher position (0.1120) than the actual physical position (0.0620) 
since this date. 

This was corrected this week on April 21, and a re-submission of all KIRU 
15min, hourly and daily files to the CDDIS (as well as daily files to 
BKG/BEV/IGN) was completed yesterday evening.
After some remaining problems were pointed out, a re-submission of the 
daily files was performed again this morning. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, 

Best regards, 

VisionSpace for ESA - European Space Agency

Mark van Kints
Navigation Operations Engineer
Navigation Support Office, OPS-GN

Robert-Bosch-Str. 5
64293 Darmstadt, Germany
mark.van.kints at esa.int | navigation-office.esa.int
T +49 6151 90 4069 | F +49 6151 90 3129 

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