[IGSMAIL-4377]: possible shift at BRMU

Jim Ray (NGS 301-713-2850 x112) jimr at ngs.noaa.gov
Wed May 14 11:42:55 PDT 2003

IGS Electronic Mail      14 May 11:43:30 PDT 2003      Message Number 4377

Author: Jim Ray

After equipment changes made at BRMU in March, it appears that there may
be a small shift in the observed station coordinates.  A Trimble 5700
receiver and TRM29659.00 antenna + UNAV radome replaced the previous
ROGUE SNR-8000 receiver and AOAD/M_T antenna (no radome) on 12 March 2003;
see IGS Mail #4297 and the site log.

Based on data collected since that time, it appears that the observed
station position may have shifted by about -4 mm in the North direction.
Any possible change in the E or Up directions is probably not signficant.

Users are cautioned to be aware of this possibility when using BRMU data
for frame alignment where accuracies at the mm-level are sought.  Note that
BRMU is one of set of 54 stations used by the IGS to realize the IGS00
terrestrial reference frame.

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