[IGSMAIL-4256]: New IGS station NAIN (Labrador, Canada)

Mike Craymer craymer at nrcan.gc.ca
Thu Feb 6 10:23:29 PST 2003

IGS Electronic Mail      06 Feb 10:23:37 PST 2003      Message Number 4256

Author: Mike Craymer

Dear IGS Colleagues,
Late last year we installed a new Canadian regional GPS station NAIN on the north-east coast of Canada at N 56-32-13, W 61-41-19. You can find the site log at


The GPS site is located within a km of a new tide gauge and is part of the IGS TIGA Pilot Project. Current GPS data from Jan 1, 2003 is available at CDDIS. Data since Dec 18, 2002 (DOY 352) will eventually be uploaded as well. So far, operations have been more reliable than our other Arctic sites.

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