[IGSMAIL-4234]: IAG/IGGOS Symposium G7 in Japan

Gerhard Beutler gerhard.beutler at aiub.unibe.ch
Fri Jan 17 07:34:55 PST 2003

IGS Electronic Mail      17 Jan 07:35:02 PST 2003      Message Number 4234

Author: Gerhard Beutler

Dear friends and colleagues,

Hermann Drewes and I are convening the IAG Symposium G07 on the
"Integrated Global Geodetic Observing System IGGOS" taking place on

Thursday, July 10, 2003
in Sapporo, Japan.

It is one of the IAG Symposia organized under the umbrella of the
XXIII IUGG General Assembly. You are cordially invited to
contribute papers to this symposium. A short description and a
list of the invited papers is contained in the description below.

Yours sincerely
Gerhard Beutler and Hermann Drewes,
Convenors of Symposium G07

Symposium G07: The Integrated Global Geodetic Observing System
IGGOS integrates the three pillars of geodesy, namely

(1) geometry and kinematics,
(2) Earth orientation and rotation, and
(3) gravity field and dynamics.

IGGOS views the Earth system as a whole by including the solid
Earth as well as the fluid components, the static and time-varying
gravity field in its products. IGGOS brings different techniques,
different models, and different approaches together, in order to
achieve a better understanding of geodetic, geophysical,
geodynamical processes. IGGOS provides the scientific and
infrastructural basis for all geodetic global change research.
IGGOS is the IAG Project starting with the definition phase in
2003. It is based on the IAG Services.

Convenors: Gerhard Beutler and Hermann Drewes

Date: July 10, 2003

Time: Morning:    8h30m - 10h and 10h30m - 12h30m
      Afternoon: 14h00m - 15h30m

Invited Papaers:

 - IGGOS viewed from the perspective of history
 - The Scientific Concept of IGGOS
 - The Contribution of the IERS to the IGGOS Concept
 - How to implement the gravity contribution into IGGOS
 - The IGGOS viewed from the Space Geodetic Services
 - The IGGOS viewed from the geodynamics point of view
 - The U.S. National Space Geodetic Observatory (NGO) as a
   contribution to the IGGOS
 - European Initiatives in Support of IGGOS
 - The IGGOS as a partner in the IGOS and other global projects
 - Altimetry as a new Level-1 Service in IGGOS?

The IAG Services are invited to prepare one poster presentation
each, describing their work. The space geodetic community and the
gravimetric community is strongly encouraged to contribute papers
and posters to this symposium!

Observe the deadline of January 20, 2003 for mailed abstracts and
of 30 January 2003 for www-abstracts. The complete information is
available under the following web-address:


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