[IGSMAIL-4148]: FW: FAIR in SINEX Products

"Ferland, Rémi" RFerland at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Nov 6 07:12:34 PST 2002

IGS Electronic Mail      06 Nov 08:57:58 PST 2002      Message Number 4148

Author: R. Ferland

Dear IGS Colleagues,

	To follow on the IGS mail distributed earlier this week by Geoff
Blewitt reporting about a seismic event and potential displacement at FAIR.
A displacement was later on reported by M. Heflin based on the rapid

	If the pre and post seismic estimates at FAIR are included in the
weekly SINEX combination, they must be reported separately with distinct
solution #. The epoch blocks should allow to distinguish which solution
belong to what epoch. Since the station is also part of the reference frame
network, it should not be used any more for the solution alignment as also
mentioned by Geoff. This will be confirmed when more data is available
with the final products.

	The station will not be used in the IGS weekly SINEX combination
the displacement is confirmed. In the alignment of the cumulative solution, 
the station will continue to be used for alignment, but only using the
pre-seismic data.

Best Regards,

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