[IGSMAIL-3435]: ZECK Zelenchukskaya / Russia Upgrade

Rudi Stöger stoeger at wettzell.ifag.de
Fri Jul 20 03:14:53 PDT 2001

IGS Electronic Mail      20 Jul 03:13:36 PDT 2001      Message Number 3435

author: Rudi Stoeger

DAY 166, 15-JUN-2001, a thunderstorm
with lightening damaged the Turbo Rogue
SNR-8000 and the Dorne Margolin T Antenna
in the ZECK Zelenchukskaya GPS Permanent
Tracking System.

My colleagues Klaus Roettcher and Guenther
Herold did an "Upgrade" in Zelenchukskaya.

ROGUE SNR-8000 S/N T-399 was replaced
with AOA SNR-8000 ACT S/N T-322U
Firmware and Antenna AOAD/M_T
S/N 289 was peplaced with AOAD/M_T S/N 290,
12-JUL-2001 13:00 UT (= day 193).

With best regards
Rudi Stoeger

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