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Tue Jul 28 14:24:23 PDT 1998

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Author: Ken Hurst
Subject: AGU: GPS site-specific errors

We would like you to consider contributing an abstract to the following 
special session at the 1998 Fall AGU.

1998 Fall AGU special session: GPS site-specific errors

Conveners: Kenneth Hurst and Pedro Elosegui
hurst at cobra.jpl.nasa.gov
pelosegui at cfa.harvard.edu

This session will focus on the identification, characterization,
quantification, and minimization of errors in GPS products which are a
function of the station location.  As the use of GPS for positioning,
timekeeping, atmospheric monitoring, and ionospheric monitoring
continues to expand, site-specific noise continues to be an area whose
importance must be evaluated. An understanding of such errors can
provide room for improvement in the products derived from the GPS
data.  Examples of contributions to this session might include:
theoretical and practical examples of assessments of the size of
multipath, tropospheric, geographically correlated, or other related
errors; algorithms for identifying location-specific errors in GPS data
or products; or methods and examples of reducing the size of
site-specific errors, either using analysis software or station

Abstract deadline (express mail): 		Aug 26, 1998.
Abstract deadline (Web, http://www.agu.org):	Sep 01, 1998

Information on submitting an abstract can be found at 
or in the June 30 1998 issue of EOS.

Please send one original and two copies with payment for delivery by 
August 26, 1998 (Mail and E-mail); September 2, 1998 (Interactive 
Web Form), to: 
	1998 Fall Meeting
	2000 Florida Avenue, NW
	Washington, DC 20009

In addition, please mail, email, or FAX a copy of your abstract to the 
coveners at
	email: 	hurst at garlock.jpl.nasa.gov
	mail:	Ken Hurst, MS 238-600, JPL, Pasadena CA, 91109, USA
	FAX:	818-393-4965

Ken Hurst				
Mail Stop 238-600			voice: 818-354-6637
Jet Propulsion Lab / Caltech		FAX:   818-393-4965
Pasadena, CA 91109			hurst at cobra.jpl.nasa.gov

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