[IGSMAIL-1833] A new model for GPS BlockIIR solar radiation pressure

Yoaz Yoaz
Tue Mar 17 11:11:41 PST 1998

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue Mar 17 11:11:41 PST 1998      Message Number 1833

Author: Yoaz Bar-Sever
Subject: A new model for GPS BlockIIR solar radiation pressure

Dear Colleagues,

I was recently able to test a new solar radiation pressure model for GPS
Block IIR satellites. This model was designed by the manufecturer of
the spacecraft, Lockheed-Martin, and is in the form of a table. Its main 
advantage over the T30 model is in the modeling of the solar pressure during 
the fixed yaw regime and in modeling Y axis forces. My tests of this model 
focused on identifying any major inconsistencies or problems with this model.
Failing to find these, I can recommend this model for more thorough testing.
The model is free for anyone's use but with out any liability implied.

I placed the table on our ftp server "sideshow", directory 
"pub/GPS_yaw_attitude" in the file BlockIIR_srp_table. Explanations are
included in the file.

For more information about GPS Block IIR solar pressure and attitude
models consult IGS mail #1653 from July 30, 1997.

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