[IGSMAIL-0530] Special session in Paris on IGS Network Operations

Ulf Ulf
Tue Mar 8 11:15:48 PST 1994

IGS Electronic Mail      Tue Mar  8 11:15:48 PST 1994      Message Number 0530

Author: Ulf J. Lindqwister/JPL and George Preiss/SK
Subject: Special session in Paris on IGS Network Operations

Dear Colleague,

George Preiss and myself will be convening a session on 
"IGS Network Operations: Stations and Operational Data Flow"
on Friday morning (March 25) at 9:00-10:30 am during the IGS meeting
in Paris, March 21-25.

We would like to focus this session on data communications for the network.
The goal is to assemble an 'IGS Data Communications Manual' to be maintained
at the Central Bureau. The manual would contain the routes and methods
for transferring data from the receiver/stations to the centers and
contain an 'input/output' methods statement for each link/node in the
chain. See figure below for an example illustrating idea:

Receiver    PC              Data ctr/VAX
 ___        ___                ______
 | |--------| |----------------|    |----------------> Distribution
 ---        ___                ------                  Centers
     --->         ------>                ------->
    RS232         Ethernet               Internet

The Handbook would contain the data routes, bandwidths, nodes (computers),
methods (software, protocols), and distribution points from each
local data center. Also, included will be the data inflow from
other centers, where the goal is to derive an overview of the
data communications and flow in the network.
In addition to emphasizing data routes and methods between stations
and data centers, we  would also like to consider alternative paths
and potential backup channels for the data. 

This session will feature invited speakers and a poster session.
The format be 4-5 invited speakers (10-15 min/each) and then the
balance of the time for 3-5 minute 'advertisements' for posters
from data centers operating receivers. The length of the poster
'talks' will depend on the number of presenters.
The objectives of the session are to have as many centers (which
are operating receivers) as possible in the IGS network give
a presentation of their data transfer routes and methods. Next
we will issue a simple questionaire at the session for each
speaker/poster presenter which will form the basis for the 
Handbook. The information will be input into a data base and made
available at the IGS Central Bureau via Internet access.

To participate in the session you need to send your poster title
and a brief abstract (less than 1 page) before March 14 to the email
or FAX addresses below.

- Ulf

Ulf J. Lindqwister                 Telephone:   (818) 354 1734
GPS Networks & Operations Group    FAX:         (818) 393 4965
Jet Propulsion Laboratory          Email:       ujl at logos.jpl.nasa.gov
4800 Oak Grove Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91109

George Preiss			   Telephone:   (47) 32 118393
Geodetic Institute                 FAX:         (47) 32 118101
Norwegian Mapping Authority        Email:       george.preiss at gdiv.statkart.no  
N-3500 Honefoss

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