[IGSMAIL-370] Meenix 7.5 installation at DRAO (Penticton, Canada)

Herb Herb
Thu Nov 11 15:42:41 PST 1993

IGS Electronic Mail       11-NOV-1993 15:42:41       Message Number 370

>From: Herb Dragert
Subj: Meenix 7.5 installation at DRAO (Penticton, Canada)

Please be advised that Meenix Version 7.5 was installed on the DRAO Rogue
SNR-8 GPS receiver at Penticton, Canada, on Nov. 3  23:30 UT. 

Subsequently, some problems have been encountered by this receiver in the
automatic re-acquisition of satellites when Y-code (AS) is turned on. At
14:30 on both Nov. 4 and 5, the receiver failed to reacquire satellites in
cross-correlation mode. A subsequent reset at about 16:40 later in each day
fixed the problem but resulted in a 2 hour data gap for most satellites on
both days. The cause of this problem may be an intermittent fault on a
SROGUE board in the receiver.

For further information , please contact H. Dragert at:
E-mail:    dragert at pgc.emr.ca 
Telephone: (604) 363-6447

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