[IGSMAIL-251] Software Upgrade at DRAO

Mike Mike
Thu May 6 08:15:11 PDT 1993

IGS Electronic Mail        6-MAY-1993 08:15:11       Message Number 251

>From: Mike Schmidt
Subj: Software Upgrade at DRAO


The GPS tracker DRAO (Penticton, BC Canada) was shut down on DAY 125 from
17:08 UT until 18:44 UT to permit a software upgrade. New PROMS were
installed and a calibration carried out. The upgrade should solve the
problem of biases in pseudo ranges to certain SV's under A/S.

New calibration value is -7.679 nsec; (previous value -7.586 nsec);

Please address any questions to:

Mike Schmidt
Pacific Geoscience Centre
Geological Survey of Canada
9860 West Saanich Rd.
PO Box 6000, Sidney BC
V8L 4B2
TEL (604) 363-6760
FAX (604) 363-6565
internet: schmidt at pgc.emr.ca

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