[IGSMAIL-250] Scripps anonymous ftp account

Thu Apr 29 08:43:12 PDT 1993

IGS Electronic Mail       29-APR-1993 08:43:12       Message Number 250

>From   : Y. Bock
Subject: Scripps anonymous ftp account

		*********  ATTENTION  *********

Note from Scripps Global Data Center
Effective 28 April 1993

The anonymous ftp account that was previously accessed through
teddy.ucsd.edu ( has been moved.

The new address for this account is toba.ucsd.edu (
The directory structure for toba.ucsd.edu is exactly equivalent
to the old directory structure found on teddy.ucsd.edu.

The only change necessary for any automated scripts should be the
machine name or address.  No other changes should be required.

Please try to set automated access to nightime (California) hours
to reduce network traffic.

Please direct questions or comments to: stark at pgga.ucsd.edu


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