[IGSMAIL-206] Penticton (DRAO) data correction

Pierre Pierre
Wed Feb 24 00:00:00 PST 1993

From:     Pierre Heroux 
Subject:  Penticton (DRAO) data correction

It has been brought to our attention that data from Penticton (DRAO)
was corrupted on January 24, 29 and February 8, 1993. It was found
that the original data was correct and files were corrupted either
while downloading from he site or uploading to CDDIS. We are still
investigating the cause of this intermittent problem and intend to
tighten up our validation of the data before forwarding it to

For the time being, we are sending clean data files to CDDIS for these
3 days. They are called DRAO0240.93O.Z, DRAO0240.93N.Z, DRAO0290.93O.Z,
DRAO0290.93N.Z, DRAO0390.93O.Z, DRAO0390.93N.Z.

We regret the inconvenience this may have caused and hope to have
this problem solved shortly.

Pierre Heroux
Geodetic Survey of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Internet: heroux at geod.emr.ca

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