[IGSSTATION-5895] BRMU IME updated

Giovanni Sella giovanni.sella at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 5 14:24:03 PDT 2014

Author: Giovanni Sella

Dear Colleagues,
 The IME in the receiver has been upgraded to 3.055 and an updated log
has been submitted to IGS. Data flow will resume within the hour.
Giovanni Sella
CORS Program Manager,
NOAA-National Geodetic Survey  For EXISTING CORS:
SSMC3-8716, 1315 E-W Hwy.        ngs.corscollector @ noaa.gov
Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA   For PROPOSED CORS:
*****NEW PHONE Num. Effective 4 November 2013****************
Tel 001-301-713-3206x126         ngs.proposed.cors @ noaa.gov


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