[IGSSTATION-5620] FW: HOB2 external frequency H-maser swapover [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Nicholas.Dando at ga.gov.au Nicholas.Dando at ga.gov.au
Mon Dec 16 19:57:11 PST 2013

Site ID :                HOB2
DOMES:               50116M004
Location:              Mt Pleasant Observatory, Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Dear colleagues,

Please be advised of some changes to the external frequency of the HOB2 receiver in the previous few weeks.

NASA H-maser > non maser oscillator for a few hours > NASA H-maser

NASA H-maser > Vremya-CH V1005A H-maser

It is anticipated the HOB2 receiver will be returned to the NASA H-maser sometime in the future. Once we have updated information we will make the necessary changes to the site log.

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Dear GA,
We are going to change out some vacuum pump components in the NASA H-maser here at Hobart. In preparation for this we have moved the entire Hobart observatory to the Vremya-CH V1005A (Russia) H-maser frequency standard. We did this today soon after 0100 UT on December 2nd. This would have affected your GPS receiver external oscillator connection briefly during the swap.


> We were only on the non maser oscillator for a few hours. However, we 
> discovered that the room thermostat had failed and so we shall be 
> doing more work affecting the H-maser tomorrow. Since the room 
> temperature is not constant, frequency stability could be degraded 
> over periods greater than 0.5 hours.
> On 14/11/2013 12:13:
>> Hi GA,
>> Our NASA maser H-maser needs some work.
>> We will disconnect it and run the station from a non maser oscillator 
>> for a little while. This will commence around UT 0110 on 14 November 
>> 2013.
>> We will keep you posted as to when it returns to H-maser freq 
>> standard today.
>> Also we may need to do something similar next Monday and we will keep 
>> you informed of that too
>> Regards,

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