[IGSSTATION-5593] ONSA: Updated sitelog

Swepos Driften swepos at lm.se
Wed Nov 6 06:36:48 PST 2013

Author: Tina Kempe

Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed that the sitelog of the Swedish IGS/EPN station ONSA has been updated. The radome is re-installed after having been temporarily removed due to participation in the IGS Radome Experiment at Co-located stations.

Regards, Tina Kempe

SWEPOS                                              SWEPOS
Driftledningscentral                          Control Centre

Lantmäteriet, Geodesi                Lantmateriet
Lantmäterigatan 2                     Lantmaterigatan 2
801 82 GÄVLE                            SE-801 82 GAVLE
E-post: swepos at lm.se<mailto:swepos at lm.se>                Email: swepos at lm.se<mailto:swepos at lm.seTel:026>
Tel:026<tel:026> 63 37 53                       Phone:+46 26 63 37 53
Fax:026 65 42 75                      Fax:+46 26 65 42 75
www.lantmateriet.se<http://www.lantmateriet.se/>                    www.lantmateriet.se<http://www.lantmateriet.se/>
www.swepos.se<http://www.swepos.se>                        www.swepos.se<http://www.swepos.se>

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