[IGSSTATION-4971] NAIN antenna type error in site log & RINEX files

Michael Craymer craymer at nrcan.gc.ca
Tue Jun 26 11:17:40 PDT 2012

Author: Mike Craymer

Site ID:   NAIN
DOMES No:  40164M001
Location:  Nain, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Agency:    Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Geodetic Survey Division

After an inspection of the NAIN antenna this week, we discovered an unfortunate error in the antenna type reported in the site log and RINEX files for this station since the beginning of operation in late 2002. Until now, the log & RINEX files had incorrectly reported an antenna type of ASH701945C_M NONE. It should have been ASH701945D_M NONE. The site log has been corrected and submitted to the Central Bureau (corrected section is copied below). Starting today RINEX files will include the correct antenna type. We will also begin correcting and resubmitting all historic RINEX files. I will advise when all the corrected files have been posted to the IGS archives. We apologize for any problems this might cause.

4.1  Antenna Type             : ASH701945D_M    NONE
    Serial Number            : CR520020901
    Antenna Reference Point  : BPA
    Marker->ARP Up Ecc. (m)  : 0.1000
    Marker->ARP North Ecc(m) : 0.0000
    Marker->ARP East Ecc(m)  : 0.0000
    Alignment from True N    : 0 deg
    Antenna Radome Type      : NONE
    Radome Serial Number     : 
    Antenna Cable Type       : Alliance Cables LDF4-50A Helix Cable
    Antenna Cable Length     : 135 m
    Date Installed           : 2002-12-18T14:11Z
    Date Removed             : (CCYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ)
    Additional Information   : Two male connectors L4PNM at ends.
                             : 2012-06-26 - Corrected antenna type from
                             : ASH701945C_M to ASH701945D_M. In error since
                             : start of operation.

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