[IGSSTATION-4962] KOSG: started upload data again

Hans van der Marel - LR H.vanderMarel at tudelft.nl
Fri Jun 22 01:31:48 PDT 2012

Author: Hans van der Marel

On June 21 KOSG has started again to upload data to IGS and EPN data centers, after having experienced some problems at the end of 2011. 

Daily RINEX files are available, starting 23 April 2012, have been uploaded. Hourly files are available again since June 21.  Please note that the Radome has been removed from the antenna. An updated log file is available at the usual places.

A short description of the problems we have been experiencing with KOSG is also available from the updated log file, or, http://gnss1.tudelft.nl/dpga/station/Kootwijk.html#KOSG 

We expect some further changes to this station this year. At the moment two different options are under consideration at the moment:
1.  Replacement of the uncalibrated AOAD/M_B antenna (and DUTD radome), which has been in use since 1991, by a calibrated GNSS chokering    antenna, do some tree clearing, and continue to use the present setup on a mast, or,
2. Install a new receiver and antenna on a new monument nearby, with the intent to replace the existing setup after a period of overlapping observations (in which case we won't change the old antenna as under option 1).
>From the point of view of maintaining a long time series it would be nice to change nothing to the current setup. However, the current installation, which consists of a 12 m mast and AOAD/M_B antenna, dates from 1991. Although this installation has served us well, it was never designed for sub-millimeter work; there are considerable operational issues with the maintenance of the antenna on this mast; sky-visibility has been decreasing due to tree growth; and data quality has been degrading noticeably over the past years. 

Until one of these options has been implemented the data should be used with some caution.


Hans van der Marel

P.S. We plan to have the old AOAD/M_B and DUTD radome calibrated after removal from the mast.

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