[IGSSTATION-4781] BRUS decommissioned, BRUX proposed as replacement

Carine Bruyninx C.Bruyninx at oma.be
Tue Feb 14 03:43:58 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Today, Feb. 14, 2012, after more than 19 years, we stopped operating
the IGS station BRUS (Brussels, Belgium) because the antenna monument
had to be destroyed due the need to remove asbestos in the building
around the antenna.

In the mean time, we proposed to the IGS CB a new station, BRUX,
located about 100 m from BRUS for inclusion in the IGS network.

Compared to BRUS, BRUX has improved visibility and equipment
(SEPT POLARX4TR: timing receiver tracking GPS, GLONASS and Galileo).
In addition, the antenna (JAVRINGANT_DM/NONE) has been calibrated by
the university of Bonn.

Similar to BRUS, the BRUX receiver is in a temperature controlled room and
is driven by a H-Maser.
Data from BRUX are available from the BKG data center since 2012/041.
BRUX is presently submitting daily and hourly data to BKG and will soon start
streaming real-time data.

More details on BRUX can be found at
which will be completed in the next days to provide additional site pictures and
information on the local tie BRUS-BRUX.

Best regards,

Carine Bruyninx

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