[IGSSTATION-3897] MARS : missing observations

Georgia Roesch georgia.roesch at ign.fr
Tue Jul 27 05:26:54 PDT 2010

Author : Georgia Roesch

Dear Colleagues,

Since doy 201, some problems occurred in our processing system (30s 
decimation stage) to get  hourly and daily files.
This problem concerns MARS station, it is currently under investigation 
to fix it as soon as possible.
Missing or corrupt files have been reprocessed and resubmitted to BKG 

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best regards

*Georgia ROESCH*
*RGP* - Reseau GNSS Permanent
*IGN* - Service de Geodesie et de Nivellement
Tel : 00 33 (0)1 43 98 83 39
Pour toute information relative au RGP et afin d'accelerer sa prise en 
compte, merci d'utiliser l'adresse suivante : rgpadmin at ign.fr 
<mailto:rgpadmin at ign.fr>
Nous vous invitons a remplir l'enquete de satisfaction client mise en 
place par l'IGN, dans le cadre de sa demarche qualite, en cliquant ici 
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