[IGSSTATION-3822] Planned outage: stations aqui cagl elba geno lamp mat1 mate medi milo not1 and GeoDAF LDC

GeoDAF Administrator geodaf at hp835.mt.asi.it
Wed Jun 16 04:58:00 PDT 2010

Author: Giuseppe Colucci

Due to urgent maintenance on the main power supply line, a shutdown of most 
systems operating in the Matera Space Geodesy Centre (CGS) in Italy is 
scheduled for June 22 (Tuesday).
The GPS network management computers will be turned off at 8:00 LT (06:00 
UTC) and the data flow from all ASI GPS stations will be interrupted during 
this period.

The interruption will affect even the GeoDAF LDCs.

The anticipated duration of the interruption is 4 hours and since it will 
not affect the stations equipments, should not lead to data loss for most of 
the stations. Only MATE and MAT1, located at the CGS, should be turned off 
during the outage.

After the interruption, the data flow will resume as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Giuseppe Colucci 

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