[IGSSTATION-3486]: BRMU new contact info only

Giovanni.Sella Giovanni.Sella at noaa.gov
Tue Jan 5 08:32:00 PST 2010

IGS Station Mail          05 Jan 08:32:22 PST 2010      Message Number 3486

Author: Giovanni Sella	

Dear Colleagues,
  The site log for BRMU has been updated to reflect changes in contact 
personnel. No equipment has been changed. An updated log has been 
submitted to the CB.
  The current missing hourly files for hours 22, and 23 that are not 
uploaded to IGS are not resolved. Complete daily files continue to be 
uploaded to IGS.

This station is operated in collaboration with the Bermuda Biological 
Giovanni Sella, Ph.D.
CORS Program Manager,
National Geodetic Survey                       For EXISTING CORS e-mail: 

NOAA-NOS, SSMC3-8716, 1315 East-West Hwy.        ngs.corscollector @ 
Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA                   For PROPOSED CORS e-mail:
Tel 001-301-713-3198x126, Fax 001-301-713-4324   ngs.proposed.cors @ 

CORS Guidelines: www.ngs.noaa.gov/CORS/Establish_Operate_CORS.html

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