[IGSSTATION-2294]: Subject: EBRE: receiver chang

Gómez Rodriguez, David david.gomez at icc.cat
Thu May 29 23:53:44 PDT 2008

IGS Station Mail          29 May 23:53:54 PDT 2008      Message Number 2294

Author: David Gomez
Subject: EBRE: receiver change

Dear colleagues,

Due to receiver hardware problems in EBRE, the old receiver (TRIMBLE NETRS s/n 41644) was changed the 26 of May at 15:00 to the receiver

TRIMBLE NETRS s/n 4536257134.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. The corrected site log is sent to IGSCB.

Best regards,

David Gsmez

Institut Cartografic de Catalunya
Parc de Montjuic
E-08038 Barcelona
tel: +34 935 671 500
fax: +34 935 671 567

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