[IGSSTATION-1851]: IENG: Strenghthening of INRiM geodetic laboratory concluded

Giancarlo Cerretto cerretto at inrim.it
Tue Oct 16 00:03:35 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          16 Oct 00:02:52 PDT 2007      Message Number 1851

Author: Giancarlo Cerretto

Dear colleagues,

in relationship with my previous message #1837, I notify you that the activities for the 
strenghtening of the INRiM geodetic laboratory that hosts IENG station are concluded.

Such activities were also related with the migration of the whole software tools used to 
manage and process IENG data, to a LINUX based platform.

After the software migration:

- Hourly files "p","q" for DOY 281 missed.

- Inconsistencies in the Observation RINEX files (header) have been depicted. Such 
problems have been subsequently corrected and related files re-submitted.

Kind regards,


Giancarlo Cerretto
Time and Frequency Laboratory
Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (I.N.RI.M.)
Strada delle Cacce 91, 10135 Torino, Italy
Phone:   +39 011 3919 269;  Fax:  +39 011 3919 259
E-mail:    cerretto at inrim.it

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