[IGSSTATION-1565]: NRCan 07may12 daily files resubmitted ***UPDATE***

Donahue, Brian bdonahue at NRCan.gc.ca
Mon May 14 10:31:42 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          14 May 10:31:39 PDT 2007      Message Number 1565

Author: Brian Donahue

ADVISORY:  The following NRCan daily rinex files for doy 132 (07may12) were resubmitted to the global data centers.
yell algo chur baie nrc1 stjo frdn picl prds sch2 vald whit mssc fliu kuuj bake

NRCan regional data files were complete and not resubmitted.
Brian Donahue
bdonahue at NRCan.gc.ca, 613-947-4246, facsimile / tilicopieur 613-995-3215
Geodetic Survey Division
Natural Resources Canada, 615 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E9
Ressources naturelles Canada, 615 rue Booth, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E9
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

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