[IGSSTATION-1545]: BRST back on-line

Bruno Garayt bruno.garayt at ign.fr
Thu Apr 26 07:04:52 PDT 2007

IGS Station Mail          26 Apr 07:05:05 PDT 2007      Message Number 1545

Author : Bruno Garayt
Subject : BRST back on-line

Dear colleagues,

  After a so long data outage (from 2006:207 to 2006:108), we are 
pleased to announce that data publication from the Brest station (BRST) 
is resumed from DOY 109. GPS Equipment has been changed (receiver : 
LEICA GRX1200PRO / antenna : LEIAT504 with no radom) and monumentaion 
renewed. Please be aware of the a antenna height changing : the new 
value is 2.0431m). Data from DOY 109 are normally available at the IGS 
Data centres.

  During the break from 2006:206 to 2007:108, a GPS equipemnt has been 
temporarily set up by the La Rochelle University using the old existing 
monumentation, and data for this period are available at the IGS GDC at IGN.

  The site log has been updated so as to take into account these 2 major 
changes, and a new version has been submitted to igscb.

  Maintenance and operations of the stations is a collaborative effort 
supported by EPSHOM and IGN.

  We apologize for the inconvenience these outages may have caused.

Best regards,
Bruno Garayt

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