[IGSSTATION-1415]: JAB1: antenna replacement

Michael.Moore at ga.gov.au Michael.Moore at ga.gov.au
Wed Feb 21 18:53:23 PST 2007

IGS Station Mail          21 Feb 18:53:29 PST 2007      Message Number 1415

Author: Michael Moore

GPS Tracker ID:	JAB1
Domes No:       50136M001
CDP No.:	N/A
Monument No.:	AU043
Location:	Jabiru
		Northern Territory


The antenna at Jabiru, an ASH701945C_M has been replaced with an ASH701945G_M at 00h00Z DoY 053. Please note that the antenna height offset is now 0.0003m. The antenna splitter has also been removed from the site, until a replacement can be installed. An updated site log has just been submitted to the IGS central bureau. 

No data was collected from DoY 034 to DoY 052. Normal operations have re-commenced from JAB1 as of 01h00 DoY 053.

I apologise for any inconvenience this data outage may have caused.



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