[IGSSTATION-552]: Extended data outage for KOSG, WSRT, NTUS and IRKT

Boudewijn Ambrosius B.A.C.Ambrosius at lr.tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 28 07:06:55 PDT 2005

IGS Station Mail          28 Jul 07:06:58 PDT 2005      Message Number 552

Author: Boudewijn Ambrosius (DEOS / TUDelft)

Due to a disk failure on one of our servers, the data flow from 
KOSG, WSRT, NTUS and IRKT has been interrupted since Monday, July 18, 2005.

This problem went unnoticed for one week because of holidays. In addition
our system manager is also absent for one more week (Murphy's law). Part
of the problem has been resolved, but thus far we have been unable to
reactivate our FTP server. Therefore, the stations cannot upload their
data. We will try to correct the situation asap. When the system is up
and running again we will also try to recover the backlog of data.

We are very disappointed by this serious failure and we aplogize for the
inconvenience. We hope to be back on line tomorrow.

Boudewijn :-(

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