[IGSSTATION-374]: FAIR: updated log w/ new Freq. Standard info submitted to the IGS.

Oivind Ruud ruud at unavco.org
Thu Feb 17 15:30:59 PST 2005

IGS Station Mail          17 Feb 15:31:00 PST 2005      Message Number 374

Author: Oivind Ruud, UNAVCO

Dear Colleagues,

An updated log for the Gilmore Creek Observatory, Alaska (FAIR) station has been
submitted to the IGS. The updated log reflects the new Rubidium frequency standard
installed today (ref. [IGSSTATION-373]).

The updated sections are 6.5-6.6, shown below for your convenience:

6.5  Standard Type            : H-MASER
       Input Frequency        : 5 Mhz
       Effective Dates        : 2004-11-27/2005-02-17
       Notes                  : Actual start date 2004-11-26T22:30Z
                              : Actual end date 2005-02-17T21:10Z

6.6  Standard Type            : RUBIDIUM
       Input Frequency        : 5 Mhz
       Effective Dates        : 2005-02-17/CCYY-MM-DD
       Notes                  : Actual start date 2005-02-17T21:15Z

Maintenance and operations of the FAIR station is a collaborative effort supported by
JPL, UNAVCO, and Gilmore Creek Observatory (NOAA), with funding provided by NASA's
Earth Science Enterprise.

Best Regards,

    -Oivind Ruud

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